About me


Hello, my name is Christophe Pelletier. I have created this blog to tell about my learning curve about taking care of a vineyard and making wine, all for the pleasure of doing so.

Family wine press
At the century-old family wine press in Anjou, France


House from the vinesI moved to Summerland BC, Canada in October 2015 where I bought a property. On the property and on some adjacent land, a number of vines were planted many years ago. Some of the vines are on a right of way of the District of Summerland attached to the limits of my property. Just like with the previous owner, the municipality agreed that I take care of the little vineyard. After that, it is up to me to make wine for my own consumption with the grapes from the vineyard. Press and grape crusher
With the purchase of the house, the previous owner left me with wine making equipment that I intend to use for a good purpose…

Since I bought the house, I have been looking forward to learning about taking care of the vineyard and wine making. There are several reasons for my interest.

First, my grandfather was a vintner in France’s Anjou region where he produced Cabernet and Gamay and I am curious to see if there are any genetics involved in wine making.

A second reason is that I like good wine and I would like to see if I am good at making it and mostly learn the techniques that help make good wine.

And last but not least, I have spent my life involved in food and agriculture. I am passionate about it and I work as an independent food and agriculture strategist and futurist. I also have published two books on the future of food and farming and about how to feed the world’s growing population in the future decades. If you want to see what that is about, please go to The Food Futurist website.


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