My wines are doing rather well

Four months after my previous update, the wines have matured further and the result is quite encouraging, especially considering that it is only the second harvest since I moved here.

In the past couple of weeks, I have bottled my two whites, the Bacchus and the Pearl of Csaba. I am quite happy with them. The Pearl of Csaba has the same enchanting fragrance as like year, thanks to its muscat type. Also, the fact that I did only one gentle pressing instead of two last year, I did not find any tartness or bitterness in the wine. The taste is pleasant all along.

It was the first time for the Bacchus, as I had some nasty fungus last year just right before harvest and I had to destroy it all. This time, there was no such bad luck and I simply love this wine. It is crisp and elegant.

My third wine, the Pinot Noir Rosé is about to be bottled. The latest tasting is really good. It as a great balance between crispness and some flavourful notes of berries. I also love its colour, a deep salmon orangey pink that is a delight to watch. This is by far my wife’s favourite.

The Pinot Noir Red is not ready yet. It is still maturing. The colour is now getting more intense and darker. The taste is still too young. It is not a problem. After all, it has not yet been five months since the harvest.

Nonetheless, I am having so much fun with this, I took a picture of the four wines on a background of the mountain I can see from my patio. It gives a nice idea of the colours of my wines. As you can see, it is still snowy around here. I am longing for spring. It also delayed the pruning of the wines, that I just finished last week.

After the tasting (because it would be a sin to throw that in the sink), there was some of both whites left over. Just for fun, I blended about 50-50 of the Bacchus and the Pearl of Csaba. This blend is really amazing. It combines the qualities of both wines and actually creates a much more complex and tastier wine. Wow, this makes it even more interesting for future harvests.

Later for more.


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