Spring is here!

The wait after the pruning of the vines did not last too long. Spring came with summery temperatures and the plants started to grow. Here is a picture from mid-April.


The interesting thing is that the plants that are the most advanced in their growth are vines that seemed about dead when I pruned. I saved a few of those just to see if they would turn out into something. They did, for now. Here is a picture of one of them


The future will tell if they keep growing nicely for the coming months, though.

Since those pictures were taken, the vegetation has been in full bloom.

Driveway spring

The grapevines did not stay behind. They have grown quite a bit more foliage than two weeks ago, as you can see in the following picture.


Needless to say that I am quite happy with the way things are going in the vineyard. As I was riding my bicycle along a few vineyards around Summerland, I was even surprised to see that my grapevines are ahead of the others. Probably some beginners luck or maybe I did something wrong and I will get spanked at some point. Who knows? For now, I just enjoy the moment. I have started to remove leafs and twigs that are too close to the ground to reduce the risk of mildew. I also cut off the twigs that do not look like they will produce flowers to stimulate the growth of the productive branches.

Until now, I believe that I have dealt with the easy part. he challenge now is to keep the vines healthy until harvest. Mildew and other pests are always lurking and I will soon have to start spray preventively to protect the plants. I already tested the sprayer and I bought myself a nice outfit that will make look like I work with radioactive material. I will post some pictures in the future. It will look a lot scarier than it really is but since I do this for fun, I am not interested in taking any chance. I would not either if it was for a living by the way. Better safe than sorry. I hope I won’t scare the neighbours and the passers-by. Although, I probably will spray at 6:00 am so most of them will still be asleep.


One thought on “Spring is here!”

  1. Congratulations on the harvest! I think it is one of the most wonderful times on the planet. We live in Napa Valley, and the harvest has just begun for many of our white grapes. The reds will follow over the next several weeks. There is something magical about harvest. Check out our wine country blog at http://www.topochinesvino.com and follow us if you like what you see.


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